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We are proud to offer AccountAbility as a way for our clients to monitor their collection accounts in real time. AccountAbility is custom software that helps move the collection process through the steps quickly and effectively.


AccountAbility tracks the statutory timeframes for the delinquent accounts to eliminate unnecessary delays. The calendaring system alerts us to important dates and events, monitors payment plans and signals the next action needed. AccountAbilityprevents unintentional hold-ups and helps keep accounts moving through the collection process.


The reports that are produced by AccountAbility are easy to read and understand. The reports can be set so that they are automatically emailed on specific days each month to the email address on file.



  • Online system with 24-7 access on any device with internet access.
  • No charge to clients.
  • View all steps taken in the collection process for each case.
  • See all notes and contacts made by our staff with the debtor.
  • Record notes and communicate with our staff through the online system.
  • Automated email reporting on specific requested dates. Login to generate reports any time.
  • Customized legal action workflow. Easy to use, client friendly reporting.


Great software is only great if there are capable people behind the system processing the cases and making the collections possible. SEB Legal prides itself in having well trained and experienced collection managers. Most of SEB Legal’s collection managers have many years of collections experience. SEB Legal monitors each collection manager to ensure that they are professional in their interactions with the debtors.