Automotive and dealership law is a complex field requiring intimate knowledge of the various laws and regulations surrounding it. SEB Legal is there to support your dealership in the day-to-day and exceptional legal situations. An experienced attorney can verify that it's running up to state standards, adhering to environmental standards, and has all the proper licenses to make sure business never slows down. Our automotive attorneys can also assist when buying or selling new dealerships, and to advise you on everyday legal matters.

 We can help with licensing issues, partnership agreements, sales agreements, business formation, contracts, and any litigation that may arise.

SEB Legal is also there to defend you in the face of litigation. If you're dealing with a lemon law claim or other consumer complaint, it's best to go to a lawyer who knows the insides and outs of your business. At the end of the day, having an automotive lawyer on your side lets you concentrate on the most important parts of your business without the additional headaches.


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