When a debt gets so out of control that it requires legal intervention, it's often up to us to do anything we can to set things straight. Thanks to the uptick in the real estate market, the threat of foreclose has become an extremely effective method of settling debts. This is particularly true in collecting outstanding HOA dues, where a homeowner's property itself can be valued against it.


SEB Legal has handled foreclosures ranging from a few thousand dollars to millions. No matter what the size of the property, or the debt being collected we are equipped to handle it in a professional and expedient manner.


Sales SEB Legal Processes Judicial and Non-Judicial foreclosures on behalf of Homeowners Associations and Condominiums. Foreclosures can be an effective method of collecting past due HOA assessments as well as dealing with bank owned or abandoned properties. Please contact our office to learn more about the process if it is right for your HOA


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