Detail-oriented, big-picture thinking.


Started back in 2012, SEB Legal Attorneys at Law, LLC, has made it their core focus to provide solutions, protection, and stability to their clients through high quality, result-oriented legal work for our clients.

There is a stigma most people have when it comes to working with an attorney, we make it our goal to break that mold, and provide our clients with the tools to not only resolve their legal concerns, but to give them the tools they will need to navigate forward. We believe it is better to know the law before you need to.

Our goals are our clients goals. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, we are going to work to provide you with the best possible information to make your goals a reality.

Our Client Care Process is central to everything we do here, from a client’s initial contact with our firm through the execution of options, we are available to answer any questions or resolve your concerns throughout the process. When you are our client, we become your legal partner.

Whether it’s a property dispute, or custody issues we are here to take care of all your legal needs.

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