O! It is excellent to have a giant’s strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant.



Ryan Robison is a partner with SEB Legal. His practice focuses on real estate litigation, commercial litigation, administrative practice, and construction law. He has successfully litigated a number of issues in Utah’s district courts and has enjoyed success in front of the Court of Appeals of Utah. He particularly enjoys assisting his clients with boundary disputes and OSHA citation contests.

Ryan has a love of films and entertainment. This love led to him being an extern for Sony Pictures Classics in Culver City, California during law school, where he assisted in reviewing and drafting complex licensing contracts, and in analyzing copyright issues. This experience has greatly assisted him in counseling his clients on contractual issues.

In his spare time, Ryan spends time with his wife and children, and enjoys sneaking away to fish as frequently as possible. His life’s goals are to catch a world record Lake Trout and write a screenplay, possibly about catching a world record Lake Trout.

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